Roba is our registered brand for LED Lighting products. We manufacture LED Street Lights, LED Flood Lights, LED Highmast Lights, Solar LED Street Lighting systems and many others under this Brand name. Roba also stands for "Ray Of Brighter Atmosphere

Roba LED Street lights are best in quality and save more energy than other CFLs, SPSV Lights. These LED products are Eco friendly. These LED lights don't emitt CO2 gas in environment.

We, Rishabh Enterprises also introducing raw material of LED Street lights and Led Flood lights as well. Many customers who want to assemble these Led Street lights. This will help them to cut the cost and sale their products at very competitive pri

Rishabh Enterprises is a Green Lighting Technology Manufacturer. The Company specialises in the Manufacturing of innovative, improved Efficiency, next generation LED Lighting Solutions, which not only improve the Lighting quality but also are Environ

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